Most Popular Cattle Breeds of India.

Cattle Breeds of India 

       My dear friends here the discussion is about important cattle breeds of India. The cattle breeds of India have been divided into Milch breeds which produce good quantity of milk but do not produce good quality bullock, Dual purpose breeds which are fairly good milkers and produce bullock of good draft powers, and the Draft breeds providing little amount  of milk and excellent draft powers. Indian cattle breeds under different categories of utility along with their home tract. Here we cover best 13 Indian cattle breeds. By the way for your knowledge NBAGR (ICAR) declared 50 registered cattle breeds present in India (latest information of 2018 census), before of that 43 breeds are in India that mean 7 new breeds are added by NBAGR. And of course you have to know cattle population in India is 192.49 million (19.2crore).

Milch Purpose Breeds : 

1) Sahiwal -


Home Tract :
Punjab, Haryana, UP, MP.

Distinguishing Feature : Coat colour is Red. Loose Skin. Voluminous Dewlap. Long tail almost reaching to the ground. Milk Yield 1400-2500 kg per lactation.

2) Gir :


Home Tract : Gujrat 

Distinguishing Feature : Coat colour dark red or brownish. Ears are drooping. Long forehead. Milk yield 1200-1800kg per lactation.

3) Red Sindhi :

red sindhi cattle breed

Home Tract : Hyderabad, Pakistan.

Distinguishing Feature : Coat colour red. smaller in size with compact body. Dark coloured muzzle. Milk yield 1250-1800kg per lactation.

4) Tharparkar : 

tharparkar cattle breed

Home Tract : Rajasthan.

Distinguishing Feature : Coat colour white or slightly grey on white. Medium size compact body. Other name thari, grey and white sindhi. Milk produce 1800-2600 kg per lactation.

Dual Purpose Breeds : 

1) Rathi : 

rathi cattle breed

Home Tract : Rajasthan.

Distinguishing Feature : Coat colour is brown with white patches all over the body. Medium size animal. Males are good draught animals while females are good milk producer (up to 3120kg)

2) Hariana : 

hariana cattle breed

Home Tract : Haryana.

Distinguishing Feature : Coat colour white. Compact body, long and narrow face. Stumpy horn, short tail. Males are good workers and cows are average yielders (600-800kg) 

3) Kankrej :

kankrej cattle breed

Home Tract : Gujarat

Distinguishing Feature : Coat colour silver grey or iron grey or blackish on white. Heaviest breed, powerful body and strong curved horns. Well developed hump. Males are powerful workers and cows are average  milkers (1400kg) 

4) Ongole :

ongole cattle breed

Home Tract : Andhra Pradesh.

Distinguishing Feature : Coat colour commonly white. Muscular body and hump is well develop. Males heavy workers and cows are average milkers (1000kg).

Draught Purpose Breeds : 

1) Amritmahal : 

amrit mahal cattle breed

Home Tract : Karnataka

Distinguishing Feature : Coat colour white to nearly black (shades of grey). Horns are upward and backward direction and with pointed tips and well known for draught ability. 

2) Hallikar :

hallikar cattle breed

Home Tract : Karnataka.

Distinguishing Feature : Coat colour is blackish on white. Medium sized compact animal. Horns are long and straight up to half length then a forward bend. Well known for draught ability.

3) Siri : 
siri cattle breed

Home Tract : WB (darjeeling), Sikkim.

Distinguishing Feature : Coat colour is mainly black and white with extensive solid black colour. Short ear, moderate dewlap. Hump is slightly forward than other breed and size of hump is small also.

4) Kangayam :

kangayam cattle breed

Home Tract : Tamil Nadu.

Distinguishing Feature : Coat colour is blackish white. Stout and thick long horn. Broad forehead. Elliptical eyes.

5) Red Kandhari :

rad kandhari cattle breed

Home Tract : Maharastra.

Distinguishing Feature : Coat colour red to almost dark brown. Black spot around the eye. Medium size, strong, compact and well for draught purpose.

Here we provide Top 13 most popular cattle breeds of India. Comment here or in contact form for your valuable suggestion for us. Thank You Have a Good Day.