Ante Mortem and Post Mortem Examination of Meat Animals.

(Part 6, Abattoir Practices, LPT)

Ante Mortem Examination of Meat Animals and Post Mortem Examination of Carcass

by Dr. Gopal Patra, Department of LPT, F/O-VAS, of WBUAFS. 

Ante Mortem Examination of Meat Animals and Post Mortem Examination of Carcass.

Description : 

Ante Mortem is the examination of the body before Death of the Animal. And Post Mortem is after Death of the Animal. Details available in the pdf. 

Note: The following pdf is the LPT note of Abattoir PracticesPart 6 of BVSc & AH. *LPT-Livestock Product Technology. 

Topics of the PDF file of 'Ante Mortem and  Post Mortem Examination of Meat Animals' : 

What is Ante-mortem Examination? / Objectives of Ante-mortem Examination / Reporting of Ante-mortem examination / Basic consideration for AM inspection / Abnormalities observed on AM examination / How we categorize animals after AM Examination? / What is Post-mortem Examination?  / Objectives of PM Examination / Facilities required for PM Examination / General Consideration for PM Inspection / General Principles of PM examination / Post mortem inspection procedure / HEAD INSPECTION / Examination of Carcass / Examination of lymph nodes / Examination of Viscera / Examination of Lungs / Examination of Heart / Examination of Liver / Examination of Stomach & Intestine / Examination of Kidney / Examination of Uterus, Ovary & Udder / Post-mortem Judgment.     

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