Structure and Composition of Muscle - Meat Science.

(Part 2, Meat Science, LPT) 

Structure and Composition of Meat Muscle (Including Poultry Muscle) 

Structure and Composition of Muscle.

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Meat is broadly defined as animal tissue used as food. Most often it refers to skeletal muscle and associated fat, but it may also refer to lung, liver, kidney brain etc. A variable quantity of other tissues like connective, nervous and epithelial tissues also present in meat. There are three distinct types of muscle i.e. skeletal, cardiac and smooth muscle and out of these three, skeletal muscle is the principal source of muscle tissue in meat. 

Here in this PDF we are going to deal the same under heading “structure and composition of muscle and associated tissues”.

Note: The following pdf is the LPT note of Meat SciencePart 2 of BVSc & AH. *LPT-Livestock Product Technology. 

Topics of the PDF file of 'Structure of Meat Muscle' : 

Structure and Composition of Muscle / Skeletal Muscle / Skeletal Muscle Fiber, Sarcolemma, Sarcoplasm, Nuclei, Myofibrils, Myofilaments, Sarcoplasmic Reticulam and T tubule, Mitochondria, Lysosome, Golgi Complex / Smooth Muscle / Cardiac Muscle / Structure of Associated Tissue / Epithelial Tissue, Nervous Tissue, Connective Tissue proper, Collagen, Elastin, Reticulin / Muscle Organisation and Construction / Muscle Bundle Associated Connective Tissue / Muscle and Fiber Types / Summary. 

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Structure of Skeletal Muscle.

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