Environment, Ecosystem and Food Chain.

(Part 1, Environmental Hygiene, VPE)

Topic: Scope and Importance of Environment and Environmental Hygiene. Ecosystem : Components, Structure and Function. Food Chain.

Environment and Ecosystem

by Dr. Ripan Biswas, Department of VPE, F/O-VAS, of WBUAFS.

Environment, Ecosystem and Food Chain.


Environment is sum total of water, air, and land, inter- relationships among themselves and also with the human beings, other living organisms and property.

Ecosystem is a group of living communities of species interacting with one another and with their non-living environment, exchanging energy and matter

Note: The following pdf is the VPE note of Environmental HygienePart 1 of BVSc & AH. *VPE- Veterinary Public Health and Epidemiology.

Topics of the PDF file of 'Environment and Ecosystem' :

Environment Definition / Types of Environment / Scope of Environmental Studies / Importance of Environmental Study.

Ecosystem Definition / Biosphere or Ecosphere / Types of Ecosystem / Ecotone / Natron Lake / Forest Ecosystem / Grassland Ecosystem / Desert Ecosystem / Aquatic Ecosystem / Function of Ecosystem / Food Chain, Food Web, Ecological Pyramids or Eltonion Pyramids, Types of Pyramid.

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