Zoonotic Diseases - Definition, History, Classification, Prevention and Control.

(Part 1, Zoonotic Diseases, VPE)

Topic: Definition, history and socio-economic impact of zoonotic diseases Classification of zoonoses and approaches to their management. Multi sectoral approach for zoonoses prevention and control.

Zoonotic Diseases - Definition, History, Classification, Prevention and Control

by Dr. Ripan Biswas, Department of VPE, F/O-VAS, of WBUAFS.

Zoonotic Diseases.


The joint expert committee of WHO and FAO (1959) has defined Zoonoses as "Those diseases and infections which are naturally transmitted between vertebrate animals and man''

Note: The following pdf is the VPE note of Zoonotic DiseasesPart 1 of BVSc & AH. *VPE- Veterinary Public Health and Epidemiology.

Topics of the PDF file of 'Zoonotic Diseases - Definition, History, Classification, Prevention and Control' : 

Veterinary Public Health in India / Institute in India regarding Zoonoses / Human- Animal Interface / Definition of Zoonoses and its Chat / How do human beings become infected ? / How does pathogens gain access to a farm ? / Classification of Zoonoses / Socio-economic Impact of Zoonotic Diseases / Farmers more susceptible to contracting zoonoses Tuberculosis , Brucellosis , Anthrax, Rabies, Leptospirosis, Japanese Encephalitis, Kyasanur Forest Disease (KFD) / Approaches for prevention and control of disease / Mass immunization / Environmental hygiene / Reservoir control.

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