Measures of Central Tendency or Averages.

(Part 2, Biostatistics and Computer Application, AGB)

Topic: Measures of Central Tendency (simple and grouped data)

Measures of Central Tendency or Averages

Measures of Averages


Central Tendency- A measures of central tendency is a typical value around which other figures aggregate.
  • Mean – Mode= 3 [Mean – Median]
Mean- Average of an Observation.
Median- Middle most value of an Observation.
Mode- Frequencies which occurs in highest no of an observation.

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Topics of the PDF file of 'Measures of Averages or Central Tendency' :

Methods of Measuring Averages - Mean, Median and Mode / Mean - Arithmetic Mean (AM), Geometric Mean (GM), Harmonic Mean (HM) / Median / Mode / Properties of Averages / Situations where different averages are used.

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