Measures of Dispersion.

(Part 3, Biostatistics and Computer Application, AGB)

Topic: Measures of Dispersion (simple and grouped data).

Measures of Dispersion

Measures of Dispersion


Dispersion - The Degree of Scatteredness. The measures of central tendency indicate only the central position. But they have their own limitations and do not throw light on the formation of the series of data. Sometimes they may offer misleading results too. In one distribution, the values may be closely packed and in the other, they may be widely scattered. Such a variation is called scatter, spread or dispersion. Hence an average is more meaningful when it is examined in the light of dispersion.

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Topics of the PDF file of 'Measures of Dispersion' :

Meaning of Dispersion / Methods of Measuring Dispersion - Range, Quartile Deviation(Q.D), Mean Deviation(M.D), Standard Deviation (S.D) / Sheppard's Correction - Coefficient of Variation / Variance / Properties of Standard Deviation / Merits and Demerits of measures of Dispersion.

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