Mating Systems - Inbreeding and Outbreeding.

(Part 3, Principles of Animal Breeding, AGB)

Topic: Classification of Mating Systems. Inbreeding Coefficient and Coefficient of Relationship. Genetic and Phenotypic consequences of Inbreeding, Inbreeding Depression, Application of Inbreeding. Outbreeding and its different forms. Genetic and Phenotypic consequences of Outbreeding, Application of Outbreeding, Heterosis. Systems of Utilization of Heterosis.

Mating Systems - Inbreeding and Outbreeding.

Mating Systems - Inbreeding and Outbreeding


Note: The following pdf is the AGB note of (Unit 3) Principles of Animal BreedingPart 3 of BVSc & AH. *AGB - Animal Genetics and Breeding.

Topics of the PDF file of 'Mating Systems - Inbreeding and Outbreeding' :

Systems of Breeding / Mating based on Genetic Relationship / Genetic and Phenotypic Effects of Inbreeding / Measures of Inbreeding - Measurement of Coefficient of Relationship / Inbreeding Depression / Inbreeding Coefficient / Genetic and Phenotypic Effects of Outbreeding - Out crossing, Top crossing, Line crossing, Grading, Crossbreeding, Species hybridization / Heterosis or Hybrid Vigour.

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