Necrosis, Gangrene and Post Mortem Changes.

(Part 4, General Veterinary Pathology, VPP)

Topic: Reversible and Irreversible Cell Injury - Necrosis and its Types, Apoptosis, Differences between Post Mortem Autolysis and Necrosis, Gangrene, and its Types.

Necrosis, Gangrene and Post Mortem Changes

Necrosis, Gangrene and Post Mortem Changes


Note: The following pdf is the VPP note of (Unit 1) General Veterinary PathologyPart 4 of BVSc & AH. *VPP - Veterinary Pathology.

Topics of the PDF file of 'Necrosis, Gangrene and Post Mortem Changes' :

Reversible and Irreversible Cell Injury - Causes and Mechanism / Necrosis - Coagulative necrosis, Liquefactive necrosis, Fat necrosis, Caseous necrosis / Apoptosis / Post Mortem Changes - Algor mortis, Rigor mortis, Livor mortis- hypostatic congestion, PM clotting of blood, Imbibition of hemoglobin, Imbibition of bile, PM desquamation, PM softening, PM discoloration, PM distention, PM displacement, PM rupture of organ and tissue / Gangrene - Dry gangrene, Moist gangrene, Gas gangrene.

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