Pathology of Nervous System.

(Part 9, Systemic Veterinary Pathology, VPP)

Pathology of Nervous System

Pathology of Nervous System


Note: The following pdf is the VPP note of (Unit 2) Systemic Veterinary PathologyPart 9 of BVSc & AH. *VPP - Veterinary Pathology.

Topics of the PDF file of 'Pathology of Nervous System' :

Functional disturbances of brain, reaction of nervous tissue to injury, congenital anomalies of nervous system and disturbances of circulation affecting the brain and spinal cord (1-13) / Disturbances in growth, disturbances in cell metabolism, traumatic injury to the nervous system, necrosis, gangrene, inflammation – terminology of inflammation affecting the nervous system and types of inflammation (13-20) / Specific Inflammations of brain and spinal cord, pathology of meninges, spinal cord, peripheral nerves and neoplasms affecting the nervous system (20-33).

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Pathological changes affecting Nervous System