Most Popular Exotic Cattle Breeds.

Most popular exotic cattle breeds .

Best Exotic Cattle Breeds :

My dear friends here the information is about Top 3 Exotic Breeds around the world. You have to remember one thing that exotic breeds don't have any hump. Hump is the distinguishing feature of Indian cattle breeds only. Here the 3 breeds are top dairy cattle breeds. By the way for your knowledge more then 1.4 Billion cattle population in the world and in India alone cattle population is 192.49 Million and ,India is the world's largest milk producer, with 22% of Global production also. For Your kind information more than 1000 cattle breeds are recognize worldwide. 

1) Holstein Friesian : 

Holstein Friesian Cattle Breed

Home Tract : Netherland. 

Distinguishing Feature : Coat colour is white & black spotted markings. Long and narrow head, large capacious udder with prominent milk vein. Long tail with white colour switch. Average milk production is 6000-7000 kg with low fat (3-3.5%)

2) Jersey : 

Jersey .

Home Tract : English Channel Island.

Distinguishing Feature : Coat colour slightly red or deep brown. Relatively smaller sized dairy cattle. Large udder. Short tail. 4500 kg per lactation with 4.5% fat. 

3) Brown Swiss : 

Brown swiss.

Home Tract : Switzerland.

Distinguishing Feature : Light brown colour with creamy white muzzle. Coat colour sometime silvery blackish on white. Long tail with brown switch. Large udder with prominent milk vein. 

Here we cover the top 3 exotic dairy cattle breeds. If you want to know about Indian Cattle Breeds follow the previous veterinary blog by click here. Thank You have a good day.