Properties of Fresh Meat | Physical and Chemical Properties of Meat.

(Part 5, Meat Science, LPT)

Physical and Chemical Properties of Meat

Physical and Chemical Properties of Meat.

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In the previous note of Meat Science we provide Nutritive Value of Meat and now here the next part of it is Properties of Fresh Meat. Here the Details of Fresh meat PH, Colour, Water holding Capacity, Myoglobin amount, Texture, Tenderness etc.

Note: The following pdf is the LPT note of Meat SciencePart 5 of BVSc & AH. *LPT-Livestock Product Technology. 

Topics of the PDF file of 'Properties of Fresh Meat' : 

PH of Meat / DFD (dark, firm and dry) Meat / PSE (pale, soft and exudative) Meat / Post Mortem PH decline pattern / Difference between PSE and DFD Meat / Water Holding Capacity / Colour / Colour of meats of various Species / Oxidation Status of Myoglobin and Colour Development / Quantity of Myoglobin in Meats / Factor affecting Myoglobin colour in meat / Texture / Factor affecting Texture of Meat / Tenderness / Factor affecting Tenderness of Meat / Summary / Some Terms Definition like Bloom, Drip, Shrink, Ultimate PH, WHC, Weep. 

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You will find almost all the Veterinary Notes fully free in PDF format from "BVSc & AH Notes" corner of E-Learning in this website. The PDF file can help you to find the Answers - What are the Characteristics of Meat?, How to identify Fresh meat, Physical and Chemical property of Meat, How to check Meat quality, LPT note of Properties of Fresh Meat etc. Previous Meat Science (LPT) notes are Nutritive Value of Meat, Conversion of Muscle to Meat, Structure and Composition of Muscle and Indian Meat Industry. For any query knock us. Thank You. 

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