Modes of Transmission and Methods of Dissemination of Parasites.

(Part 2, General Veterinary Parasitology, VPA)

Topic: Modes of transmission of parasites and methods of dissemination of the infective stages of the parasites.

Modes of Transmission and Methods of Dissemination of Parasites

Modes of Transmission and Methods of Dissemination of Parasites.


Modes of Transmission of Parasites: Parasites have distinct routes of entering a hostParasites are transmitted from one animal to another by 
  • Ingestion 
  • Skin penetration 
  • Contact 
  • Predation 
  • Coitus 
  • Transplacental/Tranmammary transmission
Methods of Dissemination of Parasites: Most of the parasites leave the host passively through excretions of the host. 
  • Many exit from the hosts through faeces as eggs.
  • Few exit through urine and genital discharges. 
  • Some parasites are imbibed by arthropods inadvertently when they feed on a host (eg. Malarial parasites transmitted by mosquitoes)
  • Permanent ectoparasites such as louse and flea exit the hosts actively by either crawling or jumping on to another host during moments of contact between hosts.
  • Few parasites exit actively from the hosts (mother) to their foetuses through placenta (transuterine route)
  • Some parasites leave the host through the medium of milk to infect the young ones (transmammary route). »Read more in PDF.

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Topics of the PDF file of 'Modes of Transmission and Methods of Dissemination of Parasites':

Introduction / Modes of Transmission of Parasites - Through Ingestion, Skin Penetration, Contact and Predation, Entry through Nostrils, External Genitalia, Transplacental or Transmammary Transmission / Methods of Dissemination of Parasites.

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