Paragonimus, Prosthogonimus and Echinostomes.

(Part 5, Trematodes and Cestodes of Veterinary Importance, VPA)

Paragonimus, Prosthogonimus and Echinostomes

Paragonimus, Prosthogonimus and Echinostomes


Paragonimus (Lung Fluke), Prosthogonimus (Oviduct Fluke) and Echinostomes (Fluke in Rectum, Caeca or Intestine mainly).

All of these parasites are under Sub Class Digenea of Class Trematoda of Phylum Platyhelminthes. (Digenetic Trematodes)

Note: The following pdf is the VPA note of (Unit 2) Trematodes and Cestodes of Veterinary ImportancePart 4 of BVSc & AH. *VPA- Veterinary Parasitology.

Topics of the PDF file of 'Paragonimus, Prosthogonimus and Echinostomes' :

Family Paragonimidae : Genus Paragonimus - Paragonimus westermanii / Family Prosthogonimidae : Genus Prosthogonimus - Prosthogonimus ovatus / Family Echinostomatidae : Genus Echinostoma - Echinostoma revolutum, Genus Echinochasmus - Echinochasmus perfoliatus, Genus Artyfechinostomum - Artyfechinostomum sufrartyfex.

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