Trematode (Fluke) - Introduction, Classification, Characters and Life cycle.

(Part 1, Trematodes and Cestodes of Veterinary Importance, VPA)

Topic: Trematodes: Introduction, general account and classification, general life cycle of trematodes with morphological features of their developmental stages. 

Trematode (Fluke) - Introduction, Classification, Characters and Life cycle

Trematode (Fluke) - Introduction, Classification, Characters and Life cycle


In Helminthology we study 2 Phylum - Platyhelminthes and Nemathelminthes. Trematoda is one of the Class of Platyhelminthes and there are some Subclasses but only Subclass Digenea have Veterinary Importance. That's why in this note you get details of Digenetic Trematodes only according to Syllabus of VCI.

Note: The following pdf is the VPA note of (Unit 2) Trematodes and Cestodes of Veterinary ImportancePart 1 of BVSc & AH. *VPA- Veterinary Parasitology.

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Taxonomy of Animal Parasites / Helminth Parasite : Phylum Platyhelminthes (Flat worm) - Class Trematoda (Fluke), Class Cestoda (Tapeworm) and Phylum Nemathelminthes (Round worm) / Class Trematoda - Subclass Digenea / Characters of Digenetic Trematodes - Digestive, Excretory, Nervous System and Reproductive System / Eggs of Trematodes / Miracidium / Life cycle of Trematode - Types of Cercaria / Basic Life cycle pattern of Trematodes.

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