Immunity against Parasitic Infections or Infestations.

(Part 4, General Veterinary Parasitology, VPA)

Topic: Immunity against parasitic infections or infestations, natural and acquired immunity, pre immunity, sterile immunity, autoimmunity, passive immunity, concomitant immunity and immune evasion by parasites.

Immunity against Parasitic Infections or Infestations

Immunity against Parasitic Infections or Infestations


Immunity against parasitic infections or infestations is the host’s defense mechanism, which is directed against the parasites either kills or retards their establishment and limits their multiplication.

Note: The following pdf is the VPA note of (Unit 1) General Veterinary ParasitologyPart 4 of BVSc & AH. *VPA- Veterinary Parasitology.

Topics of the PDF file of 'Immunity against Parasitic Infections or Infestations':

Resistance of host to parasitic infections or infestations / Introduction / Factors that influence host resistance / Types of Parasitic Resistance / Types of Natural Resistance / Passive Immunity / Immunity against parasitic Infections / Types of Immune Response in Parasitic Diseases / How antibody prevent the establishment of Parasites / Cell mediated Immunity / Immunopathological Effects / Hypersensitivity Reactions / Kinds of Parasitic antigens / Effect of resistance on parasites.

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