Nipah virus Encephalitis - Zoonotic Disease.

(Part 11, Zoonotic Diseases, VPE)

Nipah virus Encephalitis - Zoonotic Disease

by Dr. Ripan Biswas, Department of VPE, F/O-VAS, of West Bengal University of Animal and Fishery Sciences.

Nipah virus Disease.


Nipah virus (NiV) can be transmitted to humans from animals (such as bats or pigs), or contaminated foods and can also be transmitted directly from human-to-human. The virus can also cause severe disease in animals such as pigs, resulting in significant economic losses for farmers.  

Note: The following pdf is the VPE note of Zoonotic DiseasesPart 11 of BVSc & AH. *VPE- Veterinary Public Health and Epidemiology.

Topics of the PDF file of 'Nipah virus Encephalitis - Zoonotic Disease' :

Introduction / History of Nipah virus / Etiology of Nipah / Reservoir of Nipah virus / Transmission / Clinical Signs and Symptoms Nipah / Diagnosis / Treatment of Nipah Encephalitis / Prevention and Control.

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