Probability and Probability Distribution.

(Part 4, Biostatistics and Computer Application, AGB)

Topic: Probability and Probability Distributions - Binominal, Poisson and Normal.

Probability and Probability Distribution

Probability and Probability Distribution


Probability is a measure of chance. The probability distribution shows how the set of all possible mutually exclusive events is distributed.

Note: The following pdf is the AGB note of (Unit 1) Biostatistics and Computer ApplicationPart 4 of BVSc & AH. *AGB - Animal Genetics and Breeding.

Topics of the PDF file of 'Probability and Probability Distribution' :

Measure of Probability / Mathematical and empirical Probability / Theorem of total Probability or Addition theorem / Probability of Compound event / Probability Distribution / Binominal Distribution / Poisson Distribution / Normal Distribution.

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