Harmful effects of Parasites including Tissue Reactions.

(Part 5, General Veterinary Parasitology, VPA)

Topic: General harmful effects of parasites including various tissue reactions caused by parasites.

Harmful effects of Parasites including Tissue Reactions

Harmful effects of Parasites including Tissue Reactions


Note: The following pdf is the VPA note of (Unit 1) General Veterinary ParasitologyPart 5 of BVSc & AH. *VPA- Veterinary Parasitology.

Topics of the PDF file of 'Harmful effects of Parasites including Tissue Reactions':

Introduction / Effects of Parasites on Hosts - Direct and Indirect / Injuries during entry of Parasites / Loss of blood and the associated  Anaemia / Changes in protein metabolism and Mineral levels / Destruction of Tissues / Tissue reactions caused by Parasites to the Host / Injuries during establishment and feeding / mechanical Interference / Pathological Changes / Effects of Secretions and Excretions  / Immunological Reactions.

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