Local Anaesthetics.

(Part 7, Drugs acting on CNS, VPT)

Topic: Drugs acting on Somatic Nervous System - Local Anaesthetics. (According to the syllabus of VCI this Topic is under Unit 3, Drugs acting on CNS but you have to know Local Anaesthetics are the drugs which are acting on Somatic Nervous System)

Local Anaesthetics

Local Anaesthetics


Local Anaesthetics refer to chemicals that are applied or administered locally to cause reversible blockade of axonal conduction with consequent loss of sensations from the concerned area without affecting consciousness. The agents differ from general anaesthetics in many aspects. One Major aspect is Local Anaesthetics act on PNS mainly Somatic Nervous System (restricted Area) but General Anaesthetics act on CNS (whole body).

Note: The following pdf is the VPT note of Drugs acting on CNSPart 7 of BVSc & AH. *VPT- Veterinary Pharmacology and Toxicology.

Topics of the PDF file of 'Drugs acting on Somatic Nervous System - Local Anaesthetics' :

Terminology related to Local Anaesthesia / Qualities of Ideal Local Anaesthetics / General Indications / Classification of Local Anaesthetics  / Structural Features of Local Anaesthetics / Pharmacokinetics of Local Anaesthetics / Factors affecting Local Anaesthetic Action / Control measures of Local Anaesthesia / Classical Local Anaesthetics / Local Anaesthetics with rare applications / Clinical applications of local anaesthetics.

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