Skin and Hide - Flaying, Preservation and Tanning.

(Part 10, Abattoir Practices, LPT)

Topic: Skin and Hide : Methods of Flaying, Defects, Preservation and Tanning.

Skin and Hide - Flaying, Preservation and Tanning

by Dr. Gopal Patra, Department of LPT, F/O-VAS, of WBUAFS.

Skin and Hide - Flaying, Preservation and Tanning.


Flaying, Preservation and Tanning of Skin and Hide are leads to production of Leather.

Note: The following pdf is the LPT note of Abattoir PracticesPart 10 of BVSc & AH. *LPT - Livestock Products Technology.

Topics of the PDF file of 'Skin and Hide - Flaying, Preservation and Tanning' :

Skin and Hide Definition / Percentage of hide or skin on live weight basis / Classification of hides and skin / Grading of hide / Flaying / Methods of Flaying / Methods of hide Preservation / Conditioning of hide / Tanning / Post tanning operation / Defects of hide.

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Leather Production Process

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